A Quick Summary Of The New Immigration Executive Orders

Recently, the new U.S. president issued two executive orders on immigration.

 Here is a quick summary of the main points of the changes to expect:

1.    Assessment of civil fines and penalties of persons unlawfully present in the United States

2.    Faster enforcement of removal against immigrants with removal orders

3.    Enforcement priorities are people with criminal convictions, have been charged with criminal offenses or other allegations of fraudulent or willful misrepresentation with a government agency, alleged to have abused a government benefits program or individuals deemed to pose a risk to public or national security

4.    Hiring up to 10, 000 immigration officers

5.    Restriction of federal funds to sanctuary cities

6.    Privacy Act protections may not apply to persons in unlawful status

7.    Construction of new detention centers

8.    Increasing the state and federal agencies that can undertake immigration enforcement actions

9.    Faster removal of immigrants who violate the law

10.Hiring 5,000 border agents

11.Construction of a wall along the southern border of the United States

 It is unclear how these new executive actions will be implemented, or which ones would survive legal challenges in federal court as they seem to be broad in some instances, and there may be valid constitutional questions particularly if people are also to be deported because of arrests, and not just for criminal convictions. We will continue to monitor these developments and provide useful updates.

  • By Doreen Emenike
  • January 27, 2017
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