Military Families

Parole in Place

Spouses, children and parents of certain U.S. Armed Forces personnel or veterans may become legal permanent residents though Parole in Place.

What is Parole In Place?

Parole in Place (PIP) is an immigration benefit that lets immediate family members of  individuals serving in the U.S. Armed Forces remain in the U.S. A big advantage of Parole in Place is that qualified spouses, parents and children can get their green cards in the U.S., even if they did not enter the country legally. Without this immigration benefit, these family members who want a green card would have to travel abroad to get their green cards at the U.S. Consulate without knowing if they would have to remain separated from their U.S. families for lengthy periods, and at high financial costs.

Parole In Place also solves the problem of inadmissibility due to illegal entry into the U.S. which is useful for families that have crossed the border without inspection by the U.S. border officers. It also helps immigrants avoid the 3 and 10 year unlawful presence bars which are triggered when an undocumented person or a person who has overstayed their visa leaves the U.S. and tries to obtain a green card abroad.

After a grant of Parole in Place, eligible family members receive an I-94 which serves as a parole document and they can later apply for a green card or Adjustment of Status here in the U.S.  They must still, however, satisfy all the other requirements for legal permanent residency or green cards.

Parole in Place is generally an appropriate benefit that we like to research at our law office whenever we have clients with immediate family members in the Armed Forces or who are veterans.
Like all immigration matters, even if you feel you do not need an attorney to work on your case, it is important to speak to an experienced immigration attorney so that they can advise you on your chances of success and what may happen if your application is denied.

Contact us today: If you have questions about your case or need to file for Parole in Place, please contact our law offices to speak to our attorney.

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